Winter Gloves and Headwear for the Entire Family

Cold fingers and heads are a thing of the past with Huntworth’s extensive line of gloves and headwear for the entire family. Whether you are enjoying the winter outdoors or running about, we’ve got you covered with high quality, innovative products that meet your cold weather needs: from fun fashion styles to serious warmth.  

Huntworth winter gloves

Designed to maximize warmth, provide protection and perfect fit for all activity levels.

Warmth: That’s the whole reason we wear gloves, to keep our hands warm.  But none of us like the really heavy bulky gloves that we grew up wearing.  That is why we developed Heat Boost, a revolutionary line of graphene enhanced fabrics engineered for light weight, superior warmth.  Graphene is known for its thermoregulation abilities and the graphene yarn in Heat Boost fabrics harnesses your body’s natural energy, absorbs the far infrared heat and releases it back, surrounding you in radiant warmth.  It makes a warm material even warmer – about 30% warmer.  Textiles knitted with graphene yarn represent the next generation of advanced fabrics for cold weather accessories. 

Weather protection: we expect our gloves to protect us from the elements.  Huntworth offers a wide range of waterproof ski gloves, windproof active gloves and performance gloves with durable water production.  There is a glove for every need.

Fit: Gloves must be comfortable and fit well – otherwise you won’t want to wear them. From fullly insulated to unlined, our gloves are designed to ensure a full range of motion and flexibility. 

With our wide range of styles, Huntworth makes it easy to find the right glove that fits your needs. 

Huntworth Winter Headwear

Our mother’s told us that 80% of heat loss occurs from your head – that is why they made us wear hats as kids (and even older.)  Huntworth has a wide range of beanies and hats to keep you warm and comfort in a wide range of styles and colors.  

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