About Us

Founded in 2001, Huntworth is a sportswear company that designs and distributes outdoor apparel and accessories for the winter, hunting and fishing markets.

Huntworth designs and distributes a full line of cold weather, fashion, and performance accessories. The company develops branded and private label products worn by men, women, and children, providing its customers a one-stop solution for all accessory needs.

In addition to our full product line that can be purchased through with our national brands, the team at Huntworth has the capabilities to work directly with Sourcing and Product Development departments to produce trend right accessories according to your unique specification and process.

We have a full Product Development team on staff who can be utilized as an extension of your internal team. We understand the demands of building full apparel and outerwear assortments and are equipped to help you accessorize those programs on a parallel timeline.

The team is able to develop concept through pre-production ready CADs, as well as packaging and branding concepts to tie in. This includes full fabric and color processing. In addition, we have a full marketing team on staff to enhance the selling and visual identity of your brand.