Heat Boost Lining

A line of graphene enhanced fabrics for light weight superior warmth. Graphene has many astonishing properties – these include thermal conductivity, moisture wicking capabilities and antimicrobial properties.

The inclusion of graphene yarn super charges a traditional material with these features. It makes a warm material even warmer – about 30% warmer. Heat Boost gives you the ability to stay out even longer as temperatures drop.


A waterproof barrier is inserted between the outer layer and lining to completely block moisture from seeping through to your hands.

Windproof, Water Resistant

A wind and water-resistant member laminated to the interior side of the fabric.  This blocks wind from penetration through the fabric surface and delays the wetting out of material.

Durable Water Repellent

A chemical treatment applied to the fabric’s surface that causes water to bead up, allowing the fabric face to shed light moisture.

Touch Screen Compatible

Whether texting friends or checking your position on GPS, enjoy the convenient ability to use your electronic device with gloves on.